That’s so 1997 ..

Yesterday I bumped into a lady I’d not seen for a while.
“Do you remember coming to our house to photograph my grandson?” she asked.
“I do ..” I replied “How is he?”
“Oh, fine ..” she said “He’s just had a baby of his own!” ..

Long silence! What? That baby is a father? How did that happen? Turns out that original photo-shoot was just over twenty years ago! Twenty? Oh, my giddy! Where have all those years gone?..

I suggested I return to the house and arrange another photo-shoot. The lady giggled, embarrassed, and the friend she was with looked me straight in the eye and said “We can do that on the phone now ..”
How times change ..


Food for thought ..



Apparently it’s now the done thing to show ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots from one’s PR work. “They” say it helps er .. something or other .. so who am I to argue? A few weeks back I was booked to shoot all the food on the menu of a new outside catering company, but the space we got to do it was .. well, the gap behind the boss’s desk! Each dish was brought in from the design kitchen and plonked in front of my camera, and I was then left to work my magic as best I could. I shot mains, starters and a selection of pies, all on a little table in the corner of an office. It ain’t glamorous, but it just shows you what a good photographer can do when he has to. Food for thought, eh? ..

One for the album ..



The idea of having a Wedding ‘album’ seems to be fading into history. I think I’ve only made three this year. One of my faves is this one, from a Wedding back in July, that involved a boat trip on the Manchester Ship Canal and a walk through Salford Quays to the Imperial War Museum North. It was so laid back, so ‘different’, and so unconventional .. it was just made for good photography.
Click on the pix to see what I mean ..

Off for drinks with pals today, and time to count our blessings. Of the six of us meeting up, all are still working photographers apart from old fart Jim, who has taken early retirement. You can be sure that – as always at our get-togethers – the changing face of photography will be a dominant theme of our conversation and then – as always, especially after the third pint – it’ll deteriorate into a ‘fings ain’t wot they used to be’ blub-fest. Photography sure has changed a lot in ‘my time’ but, whatever its challenges today, I’m still bloody lucky to be a professional working photographer.

Cold showers ..


Oh no .. not more showers! Hahaha, see what I did there? A little play on words, reference the Great British Summer, seeing as it’s raining again as I write this and I’m bloomin’ well fed up with it. Anyway, that’s not the subject of today’s blog ..

Actually, just to put you in the picture, this shot was taken in Greece on my 6×6 Yashica and was part of an exhibition called ‘Trace’ at the old Cornerhouse in Manchester. They printed me some postcards featuring the shot and if you’d like one just let me know, ‘cos I’ve got about 5 million of ’em left ..

I told you I’d had some good news. I announced on a Culcheth Facebook page that I was closing my studio and, within about two hours, I’d been phoned by a chap at our local Village Club asking if I’d like to use the facilities there to shoot any future portrait sessions. Would I? You betcha! So, the upshot is that I’ll be shipping all my gear across there and will be up and running by the end of this month. I can’t wait. People coming in for portraits will now be able to get a coffee or a beer, or something to eat, and make a proper day out of the whole photography experience. How brilliant! In fact, I’m getting so excited I think I’d better go for a cold shower ..


In or out, remain or leave? Well folks, it’s been a tough decision and I’ve thought about it long and hard but now, this Monday morning, I can tell you I’ve decided to leave ..

Oh, sorry .. not the EU, I’m talking about my studio. This week marks the third anniversary of its opening and, to mark the occasion … I’m shutting it down ..

Yes, tears all round but reality must be faced up to and the cold hard fact is this ..
it just hasn’t worked! Quite simply, not enough people have come along to be photographed and it sits there empty, day after soul-destroying day ..

However, all is not lost and, in true EU style, I am about to renegotiate my position and will have some good news by this time next week. I already have a new plan in place meaning I’ll still be able to offer studio photography and I’ll be able to offer more ‘location’ photography to the good people of the North West. So it’s onwards and upwards and, like a certain other story that’s knocking about, I’ve taken control of my borders and opened up my markets ..

Let’s hear it for Stexit ..

Things I’ve learnt from the Euros


I’ve learnt a lot from watching the Euros over the past week. First of all, I now know it’s very important to say that a team plays “on the front foot”. That makes it sound like they actually hop around the pitch, but there ya go. Secondly, everyone on a team must speak with their hand over their mouth. This is vital. Thirdly, if you’re stuck in traffic on the way home from work, it’s helpful to know that most games actually only achieve anything in the last 90 seconds of extra time. You should know too that players spend more time on their hair and beards than actually training. This is also vital. Ooh, such pretty boys! Finally, and most fascinatingly, I learnt that, in every game, each player – on average – covers the turf with approximately one and a half gallons of spit!

What a load of sh*t ..

A submission came in from my website contact form the other day that was so funny I just had to show it you in its entirety! Someone/thing called Sucks took the time out to patiently fill in all the required fields on my form, just to make sure he/she/it got a clear message across to me that they didn’t like my work! Well gee Sucks, I’m just glad you took the time to have a look at it!..

I shot a birthday party for a two-year-old child yesterday afternoon. By this morning I had a sore throat and the sniffles! Man, they must have had enough germs in that playgroup to start their own Biological Warfare Unit! Next time I’m going in with a jar of Vicks up my nose. Next time? Oh, Lord .. that’s next Sunday! Having said that, it was such great fun, and I think I’ll make a bigger effort to plug that aspect of my work. There are so many lovely pictures to be had! If only my work wasn’t so sh*t! Damn …