All at sea ..



It’s all getting very real! Our move to France has stepped up a gear now that we’ve started getting quotes from removal companies to ship all our gear across the Channel. Another two months and all our worldly goods will be boxed, packed, wrapped and on a big lorry heading for South-West France.

This, of course, brings up the big question of what exactly we take over with us. Do I really need that old copy of the NME from 1985? Yes, of course, it’s got The Smiths on the cover. And that advertising brochure for the Nikon FE2 from ’83? Naturally! That’s part of my photographic history. And so it goes on. I have managed to throw out one or two things. There are only so many copies of The Face and Spin magazine that a man needs but, apart from that, I’m finding it very, very hard to part with any of my past. Perhaps I might start thinking differently once the quotes start coming in ..


We wish you a merry montage ..



I’ve gone montage-mad! You can tell I’ve finally finished work for Christmas ‘cos I’m actually getting chance to look through my recent personal work and get it out there for all to see. Gloves, selfies and my trip to The States have all had a work-over and been put up on Instagram and Flickr and, I have to say, I’m really pleased with what I’ve been shooting lately. That brings up the all usual New Year intention to ‘commit’ to projects; to find time to photograph ‘for myself’ and to get more exhibitions but, to be quite honest, as long as I’m shooting then I’m happy. Weddings, portraits, food, properties .. I don’t care. I love it all. Perhaps I should put up a montage of solicitors head-shots ..

I think I’ll write a blog ..

Hmmm, so what to write about today?..

Whoa, you caught me – having a quiet moment’s musing on that all-important topic of the day! Oh, alright, it’s not me .. you guessed .. it’s one of the slides I scanned yesterday after I piled into my back catalogue for a day of digital archiving! And man, what memories I found! I spent the day photographically travelling the globe, all from the comfort of my scruffy little office! I have shots in my files from as far afield as Tahiti to Nepal, the Amazon to the Outback .. and one shot of this literary figure on the banks of the river Nile. And to think it was all shot on Kodachrome! Now that’s knowing your stuff, that is! Correct exposures, accurate framing .. proper photography! Makes me smile when I think of the instant gratification we get with our photography these days. Take the shot, check the screen. It’s almost become a single head movement! Well, back in the early 90s, I took six months off for a trip around the world and shot the lot on Kodachrome 64, sending the undeveloped rolls of film home for my Dad to post on to Kodak’s lab at Hemel Hempstead. God! Imagine what it was like not knowing – for six months – what my stuff was like! Hard to imagine, these days!..

Hey, hang on! I’ve just thought of a topic ..